Criminal Law

Being charged with a criminal offense is a frightening experience, whether as a juvenile or adult. You worry about your loss of liberty, reputation in the community, and the expense involved when you are arrested and charged with a criminal offense. Many of these concerns stem from a lack of understanding the criminal process itself, the nature of the charges, and the content of the evidence relied upon to substantiate the charges.

Our experienced attorneys can explain your legal rights, the criminal procedures involved, and methodically answer your questions about this very personal and anxious circumstance. Our attorneys will provide a thorough review of the charges, exploration of the factors involved and potential defense(s) to the charges, and confidential discussion to defend you in this serious situation. Our attorneys have over 30 years experience within the criminal justice system and have worked on both sides of the aisle (as prosecutor and defense attorney/public defender).

Everyone makes mistakes, whether it be drunk driving, theft or property offenses, assaultive or domestic incidents, or instances involving addiction, mental illness or substance abuse. There is no point in losing sleep over something you don't fully understand. Schedule a consultation so that you understand the nature of the criminal charge(s) and defenses thereto, the criminal procedure involved, potential penalties, and the costs to navigate within the criminal justice system.

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